Remembering A Life Self-Care Box

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Published: 8/1/2019

The items in the Remembering A Life Self-care Box were carefully selected to help grieving individuals find relaxation, reflect and remember.

Journal - Journaling provides the opportunity to write about grief in a private, cathartic manner. Also sold separately.

Memory Jar - When family members and friends jot down memories and place them in this memory jar, they keep the memories of their loved one alive to enjoy in the days, months and years that follow. Also sold separately.

Candle - This pear-and-redwood-scented candle can be lit and enjoyed when an individual misses a loved one most, or to mark a special day, such as a birthday, holiday or other significant moment. Also sold separately.

Essential Oil Roller - a calming blend of sweet marjoram, orange and lavender – can be used as needed, whether first thing in the morning, throughout the day or before bed to heighten feelings or healing, relaxation and mindfulness. Also sold separately.

Dragonfly Keychain - The story of the dragonfly and its rebirth is one of hope and comfort. This keychain can be used as a reminder that a loved one is still present in spirit.

Rose Quartz Stone - This stone can be held between the index finger and thumb and gently rubbed to ease feelings of anxiety and promote relaxation. It can be kept in a pocket or purse as a reminder of an individual’s unconditional love for their loved one.

Water Bottle - Staying hydrated is always important, but particularly while grieving. Using the Remembering A Life water bottle at home or on the go helps ensure a person is drinking enough water throughout the day.

The box itself makes a perfect container to hold cherished items and other mementos that offer special meaning and remind an individual of a loved one.