A Message from NFDA:

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, all attendees agree to abide by any and all hygiene, health and safety measures NFDA puts in place to protect attendees and staff during the event including, but not limited to, temperature checks, wearing of facemasks, regular hand sanitation and social distancing rules.  You may not attend in-person events if you have at the time of the event or anytime within 14 days before the event any of the following symptoms: a cough, fever, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, flu-like symptoms, gastrointestinal upset or experienced a loss of taste or smell.

Set your firm apart from the competition and offer more to the families you serve! Take advantage of InSight Institute's Certified Celebrant Training Program, hosted by NFDA.

NFDA Member or Eligible Non-Funeral Director   $795
Non-member Funeral Director   $995
U.S. Dollars on U.S. Bank

Attendees say it best!

"With the declining rates of church participation and rising rate of direct disposition, it is clear that families need to be offered other options for services. This program not only teaches the skills of personalizing a service but also how to offer and sell this option to the families we serve in end-of-life care. I highly recommend this training."   
Brigitte Morgan
Heffner Funeral Chapels & Crematory
York, PA